code && photo

I'm Mario Andrei Pantoja Maguiña, I'm a software engineer who loves front-end development and photography!.


Front-End Development

I work with javascript. The browser is my canvas. The inspector is my faithful partner. I keep up with the latest tools and frameworks. I keep my HTML/CSS tidy and clean.

Backend Development / Sysadmin

I also have experience with Java, C, Python and scripting. I know how to admin a server. I've worked with TIBCO, JBOSS SOA, WebMethods, IIS and other corporate tools, so I can handle Windows Server, GNU/UNIX and OSX servers.


From time to time I take part in photographic projects. Commercial Photography and events. I have plenty of experience with post-production (Aperture & Lightroom).

Graphic and Website Design

I also do some graphic design, I can handle Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator; I have also done a lot of websites since 2005. From scratch or using existing frameworks.